The Lloyd’s Register Foundation World Risk Poll is the first global study of worry and risk across the world.

The findings of the World Risk Poll are based on over 150,000 interviews by Gallup in 142 countries including places where little or no official data exists, giving a voice for the first time to millions of the world’s citizens.  

The poll provides us with the first ever complete picture of the differences between people’s thoughts about, and experiences of risk.  This insight will be used by regulators, businesses, governments and researchers to develop relevant and relatable policies that empower people to take action, that saves lives and help them feel safer.  

World Risk Poll Report

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Lloyd’s Register
Foundation. (2020) The Lloyd’s Register Foundation World Risk Poll: full report
and analysis of the 2019 poll [Online] Available at:

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Insight into action

Watch the video to see how the results of the poll will be used to influence actions to reduce risk, accidents and deaths. 

By identifying differences between people’s thoughts about, and experiences of risk, regulators, businesses, governments and researchers can work with communities and develop relevant and relatable policies that empower people to take action, that saves lives and help them feel safer.

This is the first time that we have heard the voices of ordinary workers from across the world, talking about the risks to physical and mental wellbeing they face in the workplace. This will give us a better picture, complementing the information from official statistics, which are often incomplete or less detailed.
Joaquim Paulo Pintado Nunes
United Nations International Labour Organisation
The World Risk Poll gives us the first ever global view of people’s attitudes and awareness of the risks posed by unfit food and drink. By understanding how people view food safety risks, what they worry about and what they never consider, we can create interventions that are relatable and practical so people can act in their interests and keep safe and healthy.
Markus Lipp
United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation
The insight from the World Risk Poll shines a light for the first time on the links between happiness and feeling safe and free from the worries that risks create.
Jeffrey Sachs
Sustainable Development Solutions Network, publishers of The World Happiness Report
Understanding people’s fears, means we can work with technology companies and regulators to ensure they understand the importance of protecting human rights through the technology they develop, in order to make people feel safe as well as be safe. It also allows us to equip people with the knowledge to know where the risks as well as the benefits of technology exist.
Philip Howard
Oxford Internet Institute
The World Risk Poll is a truly heroic endeavour with a reach and range never seen before. The result show both the vast differences as well as the similarities in how people across the globe perceive and experience risks. It is also the last snapshot of the world’s vulnerabilities and worries before the pandemic. This makes the World Risk Poll uniquely useful for those concerned with empowering people to take actions that makes them be and feel safer.
Paul Slovic
University of Oregon
The World Risk Poll highlights the scale of risk experienced by the millions of agricultural workers across the world. The risks extend well beyond the fields and plantations, with terrible injuries experienced in plants that process harvested crops.
Sabdiyo Dido
Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA)

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Understanding the poll

Understanding the poll

A guide to the World Risk Poll – who was asked and what their answers tell us – developed in discussion with risk literacy innovators from communities around the world

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