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The Lloyd's Register Foundation World Risk Poll

The Lloyd’s Register Foundation World Risk Poll is the first and only global study of worry about, and harm from, risks to people’s safety.

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2021 Reports

A photograph of a rally in Bangladesh in which the Green Bangla Garment Workers' Federation want ratification and realisation of ILO convention 190.

Safe at work? Global experiences of violence and harassment

Globally, violence and harassment at work remains a problem. Understanding experiences across countries and demographics globally allows businesses, governments, and communities to develop relevant policies to prevent harassment for millions of people.

Safe at Work?
125,000 125,000

people were interviewed for the latest World Risk Poll.

121 121

countries covered by the data.

£2 million £2 million

invested by Lloyd's Register Foundation in projects to put the World Risk Poll into Action.

2019 World Risk Poll

The 2019 World Risk Poll explores a variety of themes, including food and water safety, occupational health and safety, and climate change.

View the 2019 World Risk Poll
A woman and child walking in the rain in India.

Focus On

A photo of a woman packing up her things in an office, she is holding a box of her belongings.

Focus On: Risk and Gender

This short report examines differences between men and women’s perceptions and experiences of risks to their safety around the world.

Risk perception Violence & harassment

Latest news and comment

Interview with Susan Maybud taking place

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Digging Deeper: global experiences of workplace violence and harassment

A new film by Susan Maybud – international consultant on gender equality and women’s advancement in the workplace – investigates global experiences of violence and harassment at work, as uncovered by the Poll.

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Supporting urban community climate resilience in East Africa

Mark Harvey discusses Resurgence's plan to integrate World Risk Poll data into their award-winning DARAJA inclusive early warning service to support climate-stressed communities in three cities in the region.

Resilience Africa
Passengers walk by train tracks submerged in water after heavy rains hit Sao Paulo, Brazil.

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Latin American governments among the least trusted to deal with a disaster

Our new 'Focus On: Critical infrastructure resilience and perceptions of disaster preparedness' report – reveals most people in the Latin American and Caribbean region do not have confidence in their local or national government to deal with a disaster.

Climate & resilience

Dr Etienne Krug Director, Department for Social Determinants of Health, World Health Organisation

The World Risk Poll provides us with a lot of very interesting information about how people perceive their risk internationally and we haven't had that so far. We need more widespread risk interventions across the world and we hope that the World Risk Poll will contribute to generating more action by policymakers, as well as encourage individuals to speak up and demand more action.

Aerial view of informal settlement in Freetown, Sierra Leone

Dr Reuben Ng Lloyd’s Register Foundation Institute for the Public Understanding of Risk, National University of Singapore

Seldom does one get a front row seat on the risk perceptions of almost 99% of the global population. The Lloyd’s Register Foundation World Risk Poll is a treasured evidence base that policymakers can use to design risk communication strategies that fit a country’s context and culture. That’s a game changer to create a safer world.

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