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World Risk Poll Resilience Index

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The World Risk Poll Resilience Index is a unique resource for understanding the resilience and vulnerabilities of countries and communities around the world, in the face of climate change-related disasters and other shocks.

By measuring resilience in four dimensions – individual, household, community and societal – the Index provides the most holistic assessment of resilience available at a global level.

The 2024 Resilience Index is built using blended data from the World Risk Poll, collected in 2023. It updates the previous Index published in 2022, using the same methodology and with data collected in 2021. Both indexes can be explored using the interactive visualisation below. The visualisation shows country scores on each of the four dimensions of the Resilience Index, and allows for both broad global comparisons and highly focused demographic analysis. Hover over the chart below to begin exploring now.

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Data visualisation by Velimir Gasparovic.

Resilience Index

Dimensions and indicators in the World Risk Poll Resilience Index

Table 2.1. from the World Risk Poll 2024 Report: Resilience in a Changing World.




Agency/Self-efficacy: If a disaster were to occur near you in the future, do you think there is anything you could do to protect yourself or your family from its impact? 

Educational attainment: What is your highest completed level of education?


Financial assets: Suppose your household suddenly lost all income and had to survive only on savings and things that could be sold. How long would your household be able to cover all the basic needs, such as food, housing, and transportation? 

Planning: If a disaster were to occur near you in the future, do you have a plan for what to do that all members of your household who are over 10 years old know about? 

Access to communications: Does your home have access to: 1) the internet, 2) a cellular phone?


Social capital: 

  • How much do you think most of your neighbours care about you and your wellbeing? 
  • Do you feel safe walking alone at night in the city or area where you live? 
  • Have you done any of the following in the past month? Helped a stranger or someone you didn’t know who needed help. 

Local infrastructure: In the city or area where you live, are you satisfied or dissatisfied with: 

  • The roads and highways? 
  • The educational system or the schools? 
  • The availability of quality healthcare?


Discrimination: Have you, personally, ever experienced any discrimination because of any of the following? The colour of your skin? Your religion? Your ethnicity/nationality? Your gender? A disability, if you have one? 

Safety net: How much do you think the government of [country] cares about you and your wellbeing? 

National Institutions Index: In [country], do you have confidence in each of the following, or not? 

  • The military? 
  • The judicial system or courts? 
  • The national government?