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About the Poll

The first and only global study of people’s perceptions and experiences of risks to their safety.

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A photograph of a busy street market in Asia, with people moving and selling goods seen wearing face masks.


The World Risk Poll is conducted every two years, delivered as a focused part of the Gallup World Poll. Its global coverage is unrivalled – the latest edition, published in 2024, is based on 147,000 interviews in 142 countries.

This includes places where little or no official data on safety and risk exists, making the Poll a unique resource for defining the nature and scale of safety challenges across the world.

The first World Risk Poll was first conducted in 2019, in response to pressing data gaps on risk and safety around the world. Since 2021, the findings of each World Risk Poll have been published in four themed reports, covering some of the biggest risks facing people and communities globally. In 2024, the issues covered include severe weather and climate change resilience, workplace safety, and waste management. Previous Polls have included risks such as workplace violence and harassment, and AI and data misuse.

A core set of repeating questions in every World Risk Poll explores how perceptions and experiences of risk change over time, including differences before and after the Covid-19 pandemic. Demographic analysis of the Poll also allows us to understand how different groups of people perceive and experience risk differently.

Our aim is to help governments, regulators, businesses, NGOs and international bodies use the findings to inform and target policies and interventions that make people safer, working in partnership with and empowering communities.

We encourage researchers to use the freely available World Risk Poll data for secondary analysis to create deeper insights, and other organisations to partner with us to create programmes and initiatives that help tackle the issues raised.

World Risk Poll 2024 Report Methodology

World Risk Poll 2024 Report Methodology

Provides additional information on how the World Risk Poll data was collected and analysed. (PDF, 1.13MB)

Understanding the Poll

All over the world there are people working to help their communities understand and respond to risks, assessing benefits and trade-offs within their own context. Sense about Science and Lloyd’s Register Foundation are working with many of them to understand and support their needs, including via the Risk Know-How framework. We sought their help to create this guidance for understanding the World Risk Poll.

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Crowded street with several people wearing facemasks

Talking Risk

Developing the questionnaire for the World Risk Poll.

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Mapping Risk

A review of global data sources on safety and risk.

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