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World Risk Poll Data

Explore a range of resources and tools enabling free access to all the data from every World Risk Poll to date.

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At Lloyd’s Register Foundation, we are committed to the principles of open and accessible data, as it gives the research we fund the best possible chance to have a positive impact on safety.

The full World Risk Poll datasets from 2021 and 2019 are freely available to download and use (with attribution). The underpinning dataset (collected in 2023) for the World Risk Poll 2024 reports will be made available incrementally, alongside publication of the associated reports. We actively encourage third party reuse of this data for secondary analysis to create deeper insights.

With over 20 million datapoints, the World Risk Poll dataset can be a challenging to work with for those who are not data specialists. However, with the interactive World Risk Poll Data Explorer, it is possible to easily identify global or regional trends from all respondents within and across the datasets, or drill down and perform highly focused comparisons at country or demographic levels.

Country Overviews

The latest Lloyd’s Register Foundation World Risk Poll collected data on safety and risk from over 147,000 people in 142 countries.

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Risk Indexes

At the heart of the World Risk Poll are three indexes which track risk and resilience across the world.

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Resilience Index

The World Risk Poll Resilience Index is a unique resource for understanding the resilience and vulnerabilities of countries and communities around the world.

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A screenshot  of the new edition of the Resilience Index, which includes the insights from both the 2023 and 2021 Poll.

A world of voices, a world of data

To date, 427,016 interviews have been conducted in 147 countries for the 2019, 2021, and 2024 World Risk Poll reports. This makes the World Risk Poll a truly global endeavour, giving a voice to marginalised and underrepresented people around the world.

Together, this data allows us to understand people's experiences and perceptions of risk around the world, and how they change over time.

We invite stakeholders to use this data and work with us to deliver meaningful change.

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A world of data