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2021 World Risk Poll

Man stood in middle of severely flood road in the Philippines
125,000 125,000

people were interviewed for the latest World Risk Poll.

121 121

countries covered by the data.

An introduction to the 2021 World Risk Poll

Watch our overview video of the 2021 Poll.

Main Reports

A photograph of a rally in Bangladesh in which the Green Bangla Garment Workers' Federation want ratification and realisation of ILO convention 190.

Safe at work? Global experiences of violence and harassment

Globally, violence and harassment at work remains a problem. Understanding experiences across countries and demographics globally allows businesses, governments, and communities to develop relevant policies to prevent harassment for millions of people.

Other Reports

A photo of a woman packing up her things in an office, she is holding a box of her belongings.

Focus On: Risk and Gender

This short report examines differences between men and women’s perceptions and experiences of risks to their safety around the world.

Gender Risk perception Violence & harassment