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Occupational Safety and Health (coming soon)

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A group of miners working, their uniforms are dirty. They can be seen operating heavy machinery.

According to International Labour Organization (ILO) estimates, nearly three million people worldwide die of work-related accidents and diseases every year. Another 395 million workers sustain non-fatal injuries, particularly in hazardous industrial sectors such as agriculture and construction.

Our report on occupational safety and health - developed in partnership with key stakeholders including the ILO -  will be the third World Risk Poll report to be published in 2024, based on data collected in 2023. Scheduled for publication in October, it will shed light on both the extent of harm and the extent of relevant safety training taking place globally, disaggregated by country, industrial sector, and a range of demographic factors. The report will allow us to examine if and where workplace health and safety training is playing an effective role in preventing injuries and deaths, and will provide a valuable new resource to help policymakers, businesses and international bodies improve and target interventions to reduce workplace harm.