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Turning the World Risk Poll into Action: ongoing funding call

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Following the announcement of the first cohort of projects to be awarded grants from the ‘Turning the 2021 World Risk Poll into Action’ funding call, Lloyd’s Register Foundation is making further funding available on an ongoing basis for organisations who can use World Risk Poll data for research and practical interventions to improve safety. The first step is to complete and submit an expression of interest which is available in the portal, once assessed we will let you know if we would like you to submit a full application and the link will be sent to you.  Applications for up to £250,000.00 will be considered.

£250,000 £250,000

The Foundation is providing funding available on an ongoing basis for organisations to use the Poll's data to improve safety.

Turning the World Risk Poll into Action: ongoing funding call

Accepting applications

Background and general overview

The 2021 World Risk Poll assessed global perceptions and experiences of risk across a range of safety issues. The findings have now been published in four main reports:

Now that the dataset for the 2021 Poll is complete, we want to maximise its impact and ensure the findings are widely disseminated and used. We are inviting applications for projects which will use the data to design and run research and/or interventions – in areas aligned to the mission and strategic goals of Lloyd’s Register Foundation – that aim to make a marked contribution to improving global safety.

We envisage a range of possible outcomes for projects which practically apply the Poll findings through the development of new interventions or by strengthening existing ones. For instance, a project may aim to lower the experience rate of a prevalent safety challenge through improvements to services for at risk populations.

Similarly, research projects may aim to address data gaps or support hypotheses through secondary analysis of the Poll data and/or use alongside other relevant data. An important output could be the provision of evidence, disseminated to stakeholders, which motivates action. For example, research projects which find robust evidence for how and why particular demographics are most impacted by safety challenges, that effectively communicate findings to relevant bodies, and consequently influence improvements to public risk information.

This funding call will be open on an ongoing basis, which means that we will take proposals into consideration throughout the year. We welcome proposals using data and findings from one or more focus areas or safety challenges identified by the Poll.

What we offer

The World Risk Poll covers a broad range of topics, and we aim to fund multiple projects that utilise different areas of the 2021 findings. Applications for up to £250,000.00 will be considered. You should ask for a level and duration of funding that’s justifiable for your proposed research/ intervention.

Eligibility and suitability

Your proposal 

Your proposal needs to provide a compelling vision for utilisation of the findings of the Poll in at least one of the following ways:

  • Utilise the World Risk Poll dataset and apply the longitudinal data to impactful projects and programmes, aligned to the mission of Lloyd’s Register Foundation.
  • Design and implement interventions which aim to tackle safety challenges using findings and insight from the Poll data to target the intervention, conducting secondary analysis if needed.
  • Use the findings to support the development and/or implementation of relevant national and international policies, guidelines, recommendations and other risk information.
  • Build awareness of the Poll findings among influential stakeholders and/or grassroots organisations to help effect changes to policy and practice at a local, regional and/or global level.
  • Conduct further impactful research projects designed to investigate safety challenges identified by the findings of the dataset associated with any of the modules.

Particularly welcomed are applications that:

Selection criteria: 

  • Articulation of vision and plans that have the potential to create long-term impact using the World Risk Poll datasets and its findings.
  • Proposals that align with the Foundation’s mission, and/or knowledge of the design and management of safety interventions.
  • Evidence of expertise in one or more of the global safety challenges identified by the 2021 Poll findings.
  • Established connections with required partners/beneficiaries – influential stakeholders, grassroots organisations and communities/or policy-level decision makers.
  • Appropriate suggested budget for activities outlined.
  • Demonstration of appropriate policies and governance of the host organisation.

Please note the Foundation may share anonymised applications with third-party reviewers.

We will likely not fund:

  • Proposals that do not have a tangible link with the World Risk Poll dataset.
  • Proposals using the Poll findings only to provide a rationale for existing work.
  • Proposals that do not have a clear pathway to impact to address safety challenges.
  • Proposals duplicating existing work.

Please consult our general information on Lloyd’s Register Foundation funding, as well as information on eligible costs.

How to apply

The deadline for submitting full applications is 5th April 2024, and you should know if your application has been successful by 30 June 2024.

1. Register your interest

First you will need to create an account on Flexigrant by visiting the Lloyd’s Register Foundation portal homepage. Once you have created your account you will receive an email to verify it. Once you have done this, you will be able to access the Expression of Interest form where you will be asked to briefly explain your vision for utilising the World Risk Poll dataset. The purpose of this step is to establish communication with you, and so that we understand the level of interest and types of projects being proposed.

If you have any problems creating your account or accessing the Expression of Interest form, please email [email protected].

2. Complete the application

A link to the Flexigrant application form will be sent to you upon registering your interest. All applications must be submitted via Flexigrant; they will not be accepted in other formats.

The review process for applications will take place every three months, and you can anticipate receiving a decision on your proposal within that timeframe.

Further information

For further information, you can access the PowerPoint slides from our information sessions on this funding call, as well as the Q&A from these sessions.

If you have any furthers questions, please email [email protected] with ‘WRP call’ in the subject line.