We created the World Risk Poll to improve understanding of how people think about risk and to learn what they worry about.  Our hope is that organisations with power and resources, such as foundations, NGOs, IGOs, businesses, regulators, governments and academics, will use this data to develop relatable policies and actions that both saves lives and make people feel safer. 

In this section you can find the full World Risk Poll report and a wide range of charts and tables summarising the results of the 2019 World Risk Poll.

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The Lloyd’s Register Foundation World Risk Poll collected data on safety and risk from over 150,000 people in 142 countries.

Read about individual nations’ attitudes to worry and risk by exploring the country snapshot results.

World Risk Poll Report

World Risk Poll 2019 Report

Read the full World Risk Poll report with a wide range of charts and tables summarising the results of the 2019 World Risk Poll.

World Risk Poll 2019 Methodology

Key methodological details related to the World Risk Poll, including how the questionnaire was developed, how the survey was fielded and how the data were analysed.

As part of this major study, the Foundation and Gallup have also produced Mapping Risk, a companion document to Talking Risk. While Talking Risk looks at people’s perception of the risks they face, Mapping Risk paints a picture of the actual number and nature of deaths, injuries and hazards experienced across the world.

Lloyd’s Register Foundation and Gallup developed the questionnaire in 2018. Cognitive tests took place in eight countries and in nine languages. The results of the tests and an outline of the questionnaire can be found in our report, Talking Risk: Developing the Questionnaire for the Lloyd’s Register Foundation World Risk Poll.

Data from the poll

This Excel worksheet contains three separate sheets; a data dictionary, answers for each question by country, and the full dataset.  Please download and use the data.  

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