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We created the World Risk Poll to improve understanding of people’s experience of risk, and to learn what they worry about.

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Our aim is to help governments, regulators, inter-governmental bodies, businesses, NGOS, communities, and researchers use the findings from the 2021 World Risk Poll to inform and target policies and interventions that save lives and help people feel safer. 

We will also use the Poll to encourage other organisations to partner with us to create programmes and initiatives that help tackle the issues raised.

In this section you can find the World Risk Poll 2021 reports, supporting resources, and the full survey dataset on which they are based, which are free to download for further analyses. You are welcome to use this data, providing you reference ‘Lloyd’s Register Foundation (2022) World Risk Poll 2021 [Data set] available at’.

If you do use the data then please tell us by emailing:

This way we can measure the impact of the Poll more accurately.

World Risk Poll 2021 Report:

Perceptions and experiences of risk in the Covid age

Read the first World Risk Poll 2021 report with a wide range of charts and tables summarising the Poll’s findings on how global perception and experience of risk has changed since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

World Risk Poll 2021:

Data from the Poll

Download the data .zip which contains the full dataset as a .csv or .sav file along with  a comprehensive data dictionary containing all question and answer details.

Mapping Risk & Talking Risk

Developed to support the development of the inaugural 2019 World Risk Poll, Mapping Risk reviews pre-existing global data sources on safety and risk, while Talking Risk details the cognitive testing process that took place to help develop the Poll questionnaire.

UK Data Service

The 2021 World Risk Poll data set is also available via the UK Data Service.

The UK Data Service provides access to high-quality local, regional, national, and international social and economic data. The service specifies how to formally cite the World Risk Poll and includes a unique Digital Object Identifier to support citation.

A world of risk: country overviews

Explore the everyday risks people face in different countries