Accessibility statement

Lloyd’s Register Foundation takes the accessibility of  our website very seriously and is committed to making it  usable by all people, whatever their abilities or disabilities.

While this website has been created to be usable ‘as is’, many people are likely to get the most accessible experience of using the site by customising their computer, tablet or smartphone to suit their individual needs – for example: to get the site spoken to them, to change its colour scheme, or increase the size of its fonts.

If that sounds like it would be useful to you, we recommend you visit BBC My Web, My Way (external site) to watch videos of how these customisations – either using the accessibility features of your computer/tablet/smartphone or through installing assistive technologies – might suit you.

If you have any difficulties customising the site to your needs, please contact us.

Limitations of this site’s accessibility

We’ve designed, coded and tested this site to be accessible, including providing captions and transcripts for videos. However, you may find some accessibility limitations at present which we are working to fix internally and with 3rd party suppliers:

  • we are working with the supplier of the mobile menu to improve its accessibility limitations – if this causes you a difficulty, please use the site on a computer
  • we are working with the supplier of the share icons to improve their accessibility – they are always available in the footer on all pages
  • we are working with the supplier of the media player to improve the labelling of its controls
  • we are working to clarify focus indication on some interactive elements
  • we are working to improve the keyboard and focus accessibility of the carousels 

Let us know if you have difficulties

If you find anything on the site difficult to use please let us know using our Contact form.

To help us quickly understand your difficulty, it would help us if you provide the information advised in ‘Contacting Organisations about Inaccessible Websites’ in your request. All constructive feedback regarding the accessibility or usability of this website is welcome and will be carefully considered.

This statement was last updated on 30th November 2020 and follows the advice on accessibility statements in ISO 30071-1.