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The Lloyd’s Register Foundation 2021 World Risk Poll collected data on safety and risk from over 125,000 people in 121 countries.

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A changed world? Perceptions and experiences of risk in the Covid age

This first report of the 2021 World Risk Poll provides new global insights that identify the differences between people’s thoughts about, and experiences of risk before and after the start of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Disaster resilience report

The disaster resilience report, which will be available in September 2022, will reveal how people globally feel their country’s infrastructure and government can cope in the face of disasters. By understanding how prepared and resilient individuals believe their communities, countries, and institutions are in dealing with disasters, we can share insight with governments, development agencies, businesses, and researchers to help them identify vulnerabilities and take action to make people safer. 

Violence and harassment at work report

This report, which will be available later in 2022, explores individual experiences across countries and demographics around the world. It will provide insight for regulators, businesses, governments, communities, and researchers to help them develop relevant and relatable policies that prevent harassment for millions of people during their working lives. 

Trust in AI and personal data use

The Trust in AI and personal data use report, which will be available at the end of November 2022, will reveal concerns around the use of personal data and AI from individuals, communities, and demographic groups across the world. With key questions about misuse of personal information, and the use of autonomous technologies such as self-driving cars, the report will reveal how much people trust organisations to use their personal data safely and appropriately.