About the Lloyd’s Register Foundation World Risk Poll

The first global study of people’s perceptions and experiences of risks to their personal safety.

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For this second edition of the Poll, Gallup conducted around 125,000 interviews in 121 countries during 2021, gathering insight from people around the world, including those living in places where little or no official data on safety and risk exists.

Spread across four themed reports, the 2021 World Risk Poll covers the biggest risks facing people and communities globally, ranging from road crashes, severe weather, climate change and disaster resilience, to work-related harm, violence and harassment at work, and use of personal data.

The 2021 World Risk Poll builds on the results from the inaugural Poll in 2019 and explores how the relationship between perception and experience of risk may have shifted over time, including differences before and after the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. The Poll also allows us to understand how demographic factors contribute to different groups of people worrying about, and experiencing risks, in different ways.

Our aim is to help governments, regulators, inter-governmental bodies, businesses, NGOS, communities, and researchers use the findings to inform and target policies and interventions that save lives and help people feel safer. We also intend the World Risk Poll to encourage other organisations to partner with us to create programmes and initiatives that help tackle the issues raised.

This ground-breaking research will be repeated at least two more times, in 2023 and 2025.

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