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We created the World Risk Poll to improve understanding of how people think about risk and to learn what they worry about.

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Our hope is that organisations with power and resources, such as foundations, NGOs, IGOs, businesses, regulators, governments and academics, will use this data to develop relatable policies and actions that both saves lives and make people feel safer.

In this section you can find the full World Risk Poll report and a wide range of charts and tables summarising the results of the 2019 World Risk Poll. You are free to use this data, providing you reference ‘Lloyd’s Register Foundation (2020) World Risk Poll 2019 [Data set]’. We also invite you to let us know when you have used this data by emailing us at worldriskpoll@lrfoundation.org.uk so we can measure the impact of the Poll more accurately.

Men at work

Risk data re-imagined

World Risk Poll data on violence and harassment at work has been turned into an illustrative video, created and designed by Pablo Suarez.

It reveals gender differences in people’s experiences of this global issue. Find out more in Chapter 5 of the World Risk Poll report.

World Risk Poll Report

World Risk Poll 2019 Report

Read the full World Risk Poll report with a wide range of charts and tables summarising the results of the 2019 World Risk Poll.

World Risk Poll 2019 Methodology

Key methodological details related to the World Risk Poll, including how the questionnaire was developed, how the survey was fielded and how the data were analysed.

As part of this major study, the Foundation and Gallup have also produced Mapping Risk, a companion document to Talking Risk. While Talking Risk looks at people’s perception of the risks they face, Mapping Risk paints a picture of the actual number and nature of deaths, injuries and hazards experienced across the world.

Lloyd’s Register Foundation and Gallup developed the questionnaire in 2018. Cognitive tests took place in eight countries and in nine languages. The results of the tests and an outline of the questionnaire can be found in our report, Talking Risk: Developing the Questionnaire for the Lloyd’s Register Foundation World Risk Poll.

Data from the poll

This Excel worksheet contains three separate sheets; a data dictionary, answers for each question by country, and the full dataset.  Please download and use the data.  

Data update: Please be aware that this dataset now contains updated information, particularly relating to Nigeria and Central & Western Africa, which also impacts on global estimates. A prior error was identified due to a misclassification of one of the variables used for post-stratification, resulting in recalculation of the weights for Nigeria. Please note that data downloaded prior to 16 December 2021  has now been superseded by this dataset. The country snapshots have also been updated. The full report will be corrected in due course and updated on this website.

Please contact worldriskpoll@lrfoundation.org.uk if you require access to the earlier dataset.


UK Data Service

Data from the World Risk Poll 2019 is also held by the UK Data Service which provides access to high-quality local, regional, national and international social and economic data. The service specifies how to formally cite the World Risk Poll and includes a unique Digital Object Identifier to support citation.

A world of risk: country overviews

Explore the everyday risks people face in different countries