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Ed Morrow

A communications and campaigns professional with a decade of experience in the public and third sectors.

A profile shot of Ed Morrow.


Senior Campaigns Manager / Lloyd's Register Foundation

About Ed

Often working at the nexus between research, communications and policy, in recent years he has increasingly come to specialise in helping organisations and researchers communicate their data in ways that are accessible and useful to policymakers and other stakeholders in order to shape and influence policy and practice. In his current role at Lloyd's Register Foundation, Ed leads communications for the World Risk Poll – the first global study of worry about, and harm from, risks to people’s safety – encouraging policymakers and businesses around the world to use its insights to design and target interventions that make people safer.

Using the World Risk Poll to Improve Global Safety

Presentation to the 2023 UN World Data Forum in Hangzhou, China, on using insights from the Lloyd's Register Foundation World Risk Poll to improve global safety.