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Liberia tops the world for experience of harm from everyday risk

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A photograph of storm clouds and rain.

Experience of Harm Index

The World Risk Poll has created a new index called the Experience of Harm Index, which highlights the countries where citizens have the highest levels of experience of everyday risk. 

This index measures harm from seven everyday risks: severe weather, violent crime, food you eat, electrical powerlines, mental health issues, water you drink and household appliances.

The index shows that Liberia tops this index due to experience of harm from severe weather, followed by Zambia and Mozambique both of which experience high levels of harm from the water they drink.

The safest countries are Uzbekistan and Singapore where the greatest source of harm is food, and Turkmenistan where the greatest harm they experience is from household appliances.

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Experience of harm by country

View a map of countries shaded according to levels of experience of harm. (Country’s score out of 100)

An infographic of a world map showing the countries that experience the most and least levels of harm. The countries that experienced harm the most were Liberia (47), Zambia (46), Mozambique and Malawi (41) and Uganda (37). The countries that experienced the least harm were Singapore, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan (4) then Poland (5) and Bulgaria (6).