Insight into action: together we can create a safer world

The mission of Lloyd’s Register Foundation is to engineer a safer world, and the World Risk Poll is a key tool to help achieve that. We want governments, regulators, businesses, NGOs and researchers to turn our insight into action, using the Poll findings to inform and target policies and interventions that save lives and help people feel safer.  

Become a partner

We are always keen to build new partnerships with organisations who share our goals and want to create programmes and initiatives that can help both saves lives and make people feel safer.

Help shape the future of the World Risk Poll

We are keen to hear from organisations with ideas for future questions for the 2025 Poll to help inform their work, particularly where there is a clear pathway to impact to help secure the longer-term sustainability of the Poll.

Funding for your project

We can provide funding for new ideas, research and projects that help to fulfil our mission and build on the insights from the World Risk Poll.

Get in touch

If the World Risk Poll has inspired you to partner with us, to apply to us for funding, or simply to find out more about the data and findings, please submit your enquiry below and a member of the team here at Lloyd’s Register Foundation will be in touch. We look forward to hearing from you.