The eight projects, which are a mix of secondary research and practical interventions, represent a combined investment of almost £2 million in utilising the Poll data to tackle the safety issues that it highlights.

The projects are:

The projects were selected following a competitive call for funding on the basis of their potential to use the World Risk Poll data to improve people’s safety, and alignment with the Foundation’s mission.

Dr Sarah Cumbers, Director of Evidence and Insight at Lloyd’s Register Foundation, said: “The projects we have announced today showcase the potential of the World Risk Poll dataset to inform research and interventions that make a real difference to the safety of people and communities around the world, particularly in improving resilience to the threat of climate-related severe weather and disasters. We are delighted to be enabling these organisations to support and protect the lives of some of the world’s most vulnerable people.

“We can’t wait to see the knowledge, networks and impact generated by these projects – impact that we ultimately hope to see replicated, developed and scaled-up through our global partnerships for change.

“Going forwards, we remain on the lookout for innovative organisations and projects that can make further use of the whole World Risk Poll dataset to improve global safety in the face of a range of current risks as diverse as climate change-related severe weather and the pitfalls of artificial intelligence, and including workplace risks such as violence and harassment.”

The announcement of these projects comes alongside the publication of the Global Action Agenda on Risk Perception and Resilience, developed by Resilience Rising and Lloyd’s Register Foundation in consultation with a broad range of stakeholders from government, academia, the private sector and NGOs. The Agenda presents a range of opportunities for the stakeholders to use the World Risk Poll data to improve risk communication, reduce risk exposure and improve resilience – ultimately making people and communities safer.

Lloyd’s Register Foundation is making further funding available on an ongoing basis for organisations who can use the World Risk Poll data for further research and practical interventions to improve safety. Particularly welcomed are applications that:

  • address opportunities identified by the Global Action Agenda on Risk Perception and Resilience;
  • address safety challenges identified by the World Risk Poll ‘A Changed World?’, ‘A Digital World’, and ‘Safe at Work?’ reports;
  • are led by organisations based in low- and middle- income countries.

Find out more from our funding call announcement.

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Image credits: shutterstock/Emmanuel Kwizera