Top everyday risks

Twenty-two per cent of people have experienced harm from severe weather

The World Risk Poll compares the risks faced by people across the world by measuring their experience of a set of seven key everyday risks. Respondents to the poll were asked whether they, or someone they know, had experienced these seven hazards in the previous two years. The seven everyday risks were chosen from areas of concern that were reported when the questions were tested during the development of the poll.

At a country level the experience of risk varies from 1 per cent to 63 per cent. Severe weather is the everyday risk experienced most often by people across the world, with people in Malawi having the highest exposure to this risk. The lowest experience was in Singapore where only 1 per cent of the population had experienced, or knew someone who had experienced, severe weather in the last two years.

Experience of severe weather across the world

Severe weather is the top global experienced risk.

Infographic top everyday risks