Building insight

The World Risk Poll data will add to the world’s understanding of risk and be used to make the world a safer place.

How the poll is helping the IPUR to save lives 

The Lloyd’s Register Foundation Institute for the Public Understanding of Risk is a research institute within the National University of Singapore, that is co-funded by the Foundation. The institute undertakes research, conducts education, and builds connections with stakeholders, in order to build a better understanding of the socio-technological processes and cultural factors affecting public opinion and attitudes to risk. The team will be integrating the World Risk Poll data with Covid-19 responses from over 100 countries to analyse the impact of risk perceptions on pandemic outcomes.  At the psychosocial level, the pandemic has deepened prejudices against minority groups.  IPUR will leverage its 10-billion-word online media platform to analyse the extent and content of this discrimination, and devise communication strategies to counteract these risks. The team in Singapore will combine insights from the World Risk Poll with online media and interviews to inform better societal and policy responses that will save lives.

Adding to our Evidence and Insight Centre

The World Risk Poll will be a major addition to Lloyd’s Register Foundation’s new Evidence and Insight Centre, which is being created to improve the use of evidence in safety.  Our work will generate and broker data, evidence and insight to advance understanding of the complex factors that affect safety, as well as identifying areas of greatest need where we can make a real difference. Data generated through the Centre will be freely available for those who share our goal of making the world safer. 

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