2021 poll

The Lloyd’s Register Foundation World Risk Poll will be run a further three times over the next six years. This will build a powerful resource for those working to reduce risk and improve safety.

Questions for the 2021 poll have now been set.

As with the 2019 poll, we will ask people how safe they feel, their views on the biggest sources of risk to safety and questions about worry and experience including harm from the work they do.

In addition, in 2021 there are new modules focusing on resilience and workplace violence and harassment.

We are now looking for ideas for the 2023 and 2025 polls and are especially interested to hear views on:

  • Which questions should be retained to show trends over time?
  • Which questions could be discontinued?
  • Which questions could be dropped for one year, due, for example, to being slow-moving variables and then brought back in the third wave?
  • Which questions should be used as a focus to drill down into a particular area in more detail?
  • Which new areas of focus should be included in the 2021 poll?

We cannot guarantee all suggestions will be included due to limits on length of the questionnaire, but we value all suggestions and comments on making the next wave of research ever more effective and targeted.

Send in your suggestions:

Timeline for 2021 Poll

June - December 2020
Developing, testing and finalising the survey questionnaire
January to December 2021
Preparing survey for implementation in local languages and fieldwork data collection in 140 countries
July 2021 to March 2022
Cleaning, Validating and weighting data on a rolling basis, as data collection is completed per country
April to September 2022
Results analysis and final report writing
October 2022
Launch the findings