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Insight into action

Watch the video to see how the results of the poll will be used to influence actions to reduce risk, accidents and deaths. 

By identifying differences between people’s thoughts about, and experiences of risk, regulators, businesses, governments and researchers can work with communities and develop relevant and relatable policies that empower people to take action, that saves lives and help them feel safer.

Joel's story

It’s something very powerful, emotionally and physically, it was a big loss economically, you lose everything. It’s the powerlessness of watching the water rising inside your house and you can’t do anything. You watch the water rising, how it’s flooding everything, and you just have to wait.

Joel, Puebla, Mexico

Georgina's story

It’s very dangerous here, the other day they took a young girl. A taxi came by, she got in, she was wearing her school uniform and now her parents don’t know what happened to her.

Georgina, Mexico City, Mexico

Priyanka's story

Sometimes the water levels are too low. We don’t get clean water and if we drink that water there are high chances of falling sick from bacteria, getting stomach infections. Children fall sick frequently and become weak.

Priyanka, New Delhi, India

Ankit's story

We go into the field to work, anything can happen at any time, we can get injured, grievously with our equipment. We can get attacked by wild animals or catch an infection because of insects or we experience snake bites.

Ankit, New Delhi, India

Mpho's story

When we have storm winds, you see we are living in the shacks so the wind when it is too strong, it takes off our shacks. If my neighbor’s shack has went away with the wind, we wake up and go help them.

Mpho, Johannesburg, South Africa

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